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HEAT Show Industry Summit III

Industry Summit III & Luncheon

Beyond Mandates: What’s next?

Wednesday, September 15, 12PM-2PM

Join us September 15 at 12PM for a luncheon and panel discussion that will help shape the future of your business

This year, New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island each passed laws requiring heating oil to contain increasingly higher blends of advanced biofuels. These mandates may help set the stage for future discussions with policymakers, but they won’t stop the “electrify everything” threat. So … what’s next?

On September 15, Industry Summit III will address that all important question. The summit will include a gourmet luncheon followed by an informative panel discussion moderated by Global Partners President & CEO Eric Slifka, featuring:

  • NORA President John Huber
  • Sprague President & CEO Dave Glendon
  • Oilheat Manufactures Association
  • Buckeye Marketing’s Quincy Longacre
  • And Other Panelists To Be Announced

The panel will discuss many different aspects of our industry’s path forward, including carbon scoring, equipment compatibility, feedstock availability, important dates on the horizon, and geo-specific transportation issues.

This is not a one-sided conversation. We want and need you to participate, because our panelists will be talking about issues that will impact you directly over the coming years. When we say, "Be part of the conversation," we mean that literally. This is the conversation about the future of your business! Limited tickets are still available for this important event. Follow the link below to reserve your seat at the table.

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Tickets for this event are sold separately and space is limited, so please make your reservation today.

For more information or to become a sponsor, please contact Jessica Levaggi at: 617-804-2222 or

For more information or to become a sponsor, please contact Jessica Levaggi at:

617-804-2222 or

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