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HEAT Show Industry Summit III

Industry Summit III & Luncheon

Progress & Financial Opportunities of Low Net Carbon

Wednesday, September 15, 12PM-2PM

Join us September 15 at 12PM for a luncheon and discussion that will help shape the future of your business

One of the least understood facets of our nation's clean-energy future is also one of the most critical aspects of our industry's long-term success. Where and how carbon emissions are counted and scored will determine which businesses and products will thrive in the renewable energy economy.

While the utilities and their allies are pushing to "electrify everything," including heating systems, stories of widespread power outages foreshadow a cold, dark and uncertain future for the grid and our customers. Meanwhile, advancements in renewable liquid heating fuels and equipment are demonstrating that our industry has a proven pathway to net-zero emissions that is quicker, more affordable for consumers, and better for our region's critical energy infrastructure. Renewable liquid heating fuels are the solution to regulators to keep the lights on AND significantly reduce GHGs.

Now, it's time to quantify our industry's advantages and take control of the narrative. Join us September 15 at 12PM for a panel discussion with our industry's thought leaders and renewable fuel pioneers, including important updates on our progress toward the goals of the Providence Resolution and mission-critical strategizing for our business's immediate and long-term challenges.

Tickets for this event are sold separately and space is limited, so please make your reservation today.

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