NEFI Legends Dinner | HEAT Show

Legends Dinner 2022

NEFI Honors Heating Fuel Industry's State Association Leaders

A yearly highlight of the HEAT Show is the Legends Dinner, and 2022 was bigger than ever.

Legends honored the men and women who lead the vital liquid fuels industry state and regional associations: Matt Cota, Executive Director, Vermont Fuel Dealers Association; Eric DeGesero, Executive Vice President, Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey; Kris DeLair, Executive Director, Empire State Energy Association; Michael Ferrante, President, Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association; Ted Harris, Executive Vice President, Pennsylvania Petroleum Association; Chris Herb, President, Connecticut Energy Marketers Association; Rocco J. Lacertosa, Chief Executive Officer, New York State Energy Coalition; Diane Quesnelle, Executive Director, Energy Marketers Association of Rhode Island; Bob Scully, Executive Director, Energy Marketers Association of New Hampshire; Charlie Summers, President & CEO, Maine Energy Marketers Association; and Ellen Valentino, Executive Vice President, Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Distributors Association.

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